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Greg Beaubien, writer

Greg Beaubien, Editor & Publisher of Moresby Press, is a writer, reporter, interviewer, multimedia producer and author. His critically acclaimed psychological-thriller novel Shadows the Sizes of Cities was published in 2014 (Moresby Press).

He has written two nonfiction books for clients: Building Our Future: An Oral History of BP’s Whiting Refinery Modernization Project (2011); and The Empathy Effect: Build Your Business—and Your Wealth—by Putting Yourself in Other People’s Shoes, for entrepreneur Tom Ward (2005).

Beaubien writes regularly about arts and culture for Moresby Press. His work has appeared in the Chicago Tribune, the Los Angeles Times, Travel + Leisure, Audubon, and Yahoo Travel. He is a guest lecturer on writing at colleges and universities. Email:


Shadows the Sizes of Cities by Gregory W Beaubien

Building Our Future an Oral History of BP's Whiting Refinery Modernization Project

The Empathy Effect Build Your Business and Your Wealth by Putting Yourself in Other People's Shoes


Young travelers in Morocco ... a chance encounter ... a sinister proposition

Nonfiction, Oral History

Beaubien conducted more than 100 interviews to write this oral history of an engineering mega-project

Nonfiction, Memoir

Beaubien ghostwrote this rags-to-riches story for real estate entrepreneur Tom Ward




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Shadows the Sizes of Cities A Novel by author Gregory W Beaubien

In Shadows the Sizes of Cities, his fast-paced, sexy noir thriller set in Morocco in 1994, author and journalist Gregory W. Beaubien tells a gripping tale of young travelers pulled by love, money and revenge toward their fates in the deserts of North Africa.

While traveling with friends, the young American reporter Will Clark is drawn into killing a drug dealer. Pursued by other gang members and the police, his bond with his companions broken and his sense of himself shattered, Will plunges further into danger even as he searches for the elusive blonde Stacey Snow. Her love might make him whole again—or doom them both. Will’s destiny is also driven by memories of his father, a man he idolized but whose true story has yet to be revealed.

A literary thriller that combines action and suspense with exotic locations, Shadows the Sizes of Cities is the debut novel of a new talent in fiction. Beaubien based the book in part on his travel writing for the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago Sun-Times, the Los Angeles Times, and other newspapers and magazines.

More literary than the typical thriller, and more thrilling than most general fiction, Shadows the Sizes of Cities, like its wayward characters, travels its own realm between darkness and light.

—Rick Kogan, WGN Radio

—Jeffrey Trachtenberg, The Wall Street Journal

—Felicia Dechter, Inside Publications

—William Friedkin, legendary director of movies "The French Connection" and "The Exorcist"

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